What Foods and Drinks Should be Avoided After Getting a Dental Implant?

Getting a dental implant is a great way to improve the look and function of your smile. However, it's important to be aware of what foods and drinks should be avoided after the surgery to ensure that the implant heals properly. Hard and crunchy foods, such as chips, taco shells, hard candies, seeds and nuts, should be avoided as they can cause damage to the implant site. Sticky foods, such as caramelized apples, should also be avoided as they can get stuck in the implant and cause complications.

Acidic foods, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, spicy and spicy foods, such as soups, coffee, tea, and foods with spices or heavy peppers should also be avoided. Bowyer will advise you on what you can and cannot eat. During the first or second week after the surgery, it's recommended that you eat softer foods than you'll need to consume in the long term. Anything difficult to chew should be avoided in favor of cooked, easy-to-eat foods.

You'll also want to avoid acidic, sugary and alcoholic beverages and the use of straws, as this could lead to the development of “dry alveolitis.” It goes without saying that after dental surgery, you should avoid hard foods. This is mainly because it can cause heavy bleeding at the surgical site, which impairs the formation of blood clots. Hard foods, such as nuts and candies, can also severely damage the implant. On the other hand, crunchy foods, such as chips and popcorn, can get stuck in the implant and create complexities.

In addition, avoid consuming sticky foods such as candy and candies which require a lot of chewing. It can even be attached to the surgical area so try to avoid it if you don't want to risk infection. Foods high in sugar and starch should be avoided for at least two weeks after dental implant surgery, as well as hard, crunchy, and alcoholic beverages. Directly biting into an apple should also be avoided if you have dental implants. Both rice and pasta are high in starch so they should be avoided during the healing process of dental implant surgery.

Popcorn is another starchy food that can increase the risk of developing complications with dental implants. Carbonated beverages such as soda and energy drinks are high in sugar and acids that can erode enamel and compromise the health of dental implants.

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