Will Dental Implants Enhance My Facial Appearance?

Implants can make your smile more complete and fill in any saggy areas of the cheeks, jaw and lips. After receiving dental implants, you'll likely notice that the skin on your face is firmer and wrinkles are less visible. There are many factors that can affect the shape of your face, and if you lose teeth in the back, this can drastically alter its shape. The height of the face may change and the fullness of the cheeks could also be altered.

Dental implants are the best option for preserving the health of facial bones and the wellbeing of remaining teeth. The loss of lower lip and chin angle, as well as deepening of vertical lines in the area, can create a rough appearance. Nowadays, it is possible to replace an entire jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge, resulting in a permanent, stable and aesthetically pleasing solution. For some people, the size of dentures is a major issue, and while a denture attached to dental implants is much smaller, there is an even smaller option. With dental implants, you can restore health, function and beauty to your teeth and regain your sense of normality, wellbeing and self-esteem.

A fixed bridge can often be placed over dental implants; this can replace bone and tooth. The two main advantages of this are that it is fixed in position and is much thinner compared to a plastic denture attached to dental implants. The time needed to complete the dental implant process will vary depending on bone integrity, other procedures that may have been needed before the implant was placed, and the number of teeth to be replaced. Your dentist will assess whether your jaw's bone density is strong enough to support dental implants, so they'll create a treatment plan tailored to you. During the weeks and months after the implant is placed, the bone will be attached to the implant and securely fixed in place (a process called osseointegration).

Because dental implants are fixed to the jawbone, patients never have to worry about their teeth falling out. With things like dentures or bridges, there are many disadvantages and problems that simply aren't present with dental implants. As they are fixed to the bone, dentures attached to dental implants are very secure, so it is possible to dramatically improve the stability of normal dentures with dental implants. Dentures also support your cheeks (when done correctly) and will significantly improve your facial appearance. Quality of life improves with the addition of dental implants instead of other tooth replacement options or even with missing teeth.

In conclusion, while dental implants can improve the profile of your face, it's not necessarily due to the implants themselves. What is attached to them is much more important, and your dentist's level of understanding will make the biggest difference in how your face looks in the end.

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